Government fares badly on job creation but gets thumbs up for promoting opportunities for women


A huge majority of adult Zimbabweans say the government is performing badly  in terms of creating jobs, according to the most recent Afrobarometer survey. Asked to rate the performance of the government on 18 different performance majorities, citizens also negatively rate government performance in many other areas such as maintenance of roads and bridges, narrowing income gaps, fighting corruption and improving the living standards of the poor.

Nonetheless, positive ratings were recorded in government performance in terms of promoting equal rights or opportunities for women, resolving violent community conflict, addressing educational needs and reducing crime. There also seems to be a remarkable improvement in views of government performance on electricity supply since 2014.

The data is being released at a time when unemployment continues to rise, four years after  ZANU-PF in its 2013 pre-elections manifesto promised more than a million jobs if elected to govern. Positive evaluation of government’s handling of promoting opportunities and equality for women comes not as a surprise, as great strides are being taken by the government to implement international instruments furthering women’s promotion in all spheres of life.

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