Press releases

Angolanos defendem igualdade salarial para mulheres com funções iguais aos homens Dois terços dos angolanos defendem que as mulheres devem receber salário igual aos homens com funções iguais, revelou o novo inquérito do Afrobarometer. Read more
Angolans say women should receive equal pay for equal work, Afrobarometer survey shows Two-thirds of Angolans say women should be paid as much as men for doing the same work, a new Afrobarometer survey shows. Men are just as supportive of equal pay as women. Read more
Many Batswana open to higher taxes, but not on the backs of small traders Half of Batswana favour paying higher taxes if it will mean more government services, outnumbering those who would reduce both taxes and services, a new Afrobarometer study shows. Read more