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Infrastructure/roads Ghanaians’ most important problem, new Afrobarometer study shows Infrastructure and roads are the most frequently cited problem that Ghanaians want government to address, a new Afrobarometer survey indicates. For the first time since 2002, infrastructure/roads tops the list of citizens’ priority problems, beating out... Read more
Development leaders recognize Afrobarometer achievements, ambitions for its third decade Development leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., last week to recognize Afrobarometer’s achievements over the past 20 years as well as its ambitions for a third decade of giving voice to ordinary Africans. Read more
More than half of Ghanaians are not aware of the December 2019 referendum, new Afrobarometer study shows More than half of Ghanaians say they are not aware of the upcoming December 2019 referendum on whether local government elections should be made partisan or remain non-partisan, a new Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
African women face persistent gender gaps in education, jobs, and digital access, Afrobarometer survey finds Despite widespread popular support for gender equality, African women are still disadvantaged by persistent gender gaps in education, employment, control over key assets, and access to technology, a new analysis from Afrobarometer shows. Read more
Africa’s digital gender divide may be widening, Afrobarometer survey finds African women trail behind men in access to digital information and communications technologies, and the gap may be widening, the latest Afrobarometer survey shows. Read more
Namibians divided on land reform, including expropriation, Afrobarometer survey shows Only about half of Namibians rate the government’s land resettlement programme as effective, and more than four in 10 say land should be expropriated without compensation and given to the landless, a new Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
Prominent business, public-sector leaders join Afrobarometer board Two trailblazers in Africa’s business and public sectors have joined the board of directors of Afrobarometer, the organization announced Wednesday. Read more
More than one in four Africans see wife-beating as justifiable, Afrobarometer survey finds About one in four African women – and even more African men – say wife-beating is at least sometimes justified, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey. In some countries, up to seven in 10 citizens endorse domestic violence. Read more
African women lag in asset ownership, financial decision-making in household, Afrobarometer survey finds African women lag behind men in ownership of assets and are substantially less likely to have decision-making power over household resources, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey. Read more
Botswana’s ruling party enjoys strong lead in pre-election survey Nearly six in 10 survey respondents (57%) said they feel “close to” a political party, while 40% said they do not. Read more