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Afrobarometer - Our Network

The Afrobarometer Network is a series of partnerships between survey researchers based mainly in Africa. Our main types of partnerships are:

  • National partners – these are organisations (or individuals) who are responsible for conducting all in-country survey activities
  • Core partners – these are institutions that manage and provide assistance to our national partners in their region
  • Support units – these are university-based teams that provide technical support to our core partners and Executive Committee.
  • Executive committee - The Afrobarometer Executive Committee meet 2-3 times a year and oversees all aspects of the Afrobarometer network including fundraising, programme planning and implementation and network management. It also confirms decisions about new survey countries and any major structural or staff changes. All members of the Executive Committee are tasked with implementing decisions made by the Committee. 

Afrobarometer could not exist without its partnerships. Explore this section to find more about our partner organisations and institutions.

If you would like to know more about Afrobarometer senior management, visit our Leadership page.