The Khana Group (TKG)

TKG was Afrobarometer's national partner for Round 7. Please see our request for bids for a Round 8 national partner.

Khana - Noun /'Kana/ - Refers to the Palm “Kernel”, the kernel is the soft edible part of the palm fruit. It’s pronounced “Kana” in Liberian Pidgin English. The kernel is the nut, seed, or fruit stone contained within the hard shell of the palm fruit. The palm fruit represents timelessness, usefulness and sustainability--An epitome of TKG's mission to provide sustainable solutions that will positively impact and transform communities around the world.

The Khana Group (TKG) joins Afrobarometer network

The Khana Group (TKG), a leading social impact research and consulting firm in Africa, has been selected as the National Partner in Liberia for Afrobarometer, a leading independent, non-partisan research project that measures the social, political and economic atmosphere in Africa. As National Partner in Liberia, TKG will conduct the nationally representative survey and ensure dissemination of the results and will be directly overseen by the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) in Ghana.

With offices in Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and the United States, the firm focuses on developing and delivering sustainable solutions to positively impact and transform communities. TKG serves as the last mile to communities, stakeholders and beneficiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa – going places where many cannot access. TKG is known and has a strong reputation across its national offices for its quality delivery. TKG is also known for its rigorous data collection, research and M&E services that support evidence-based policy development. In Liberia, TKG is the largest research firm; conducting multiple research, data collection, M&E, and program implementation projects.

According to TKG’s CEO Taa Wongbe, “we are truly excited to be selected by Afrobarometer for this initiative. Afrobarometer represents the gold standard for independent, reliable and credible measurement for African public opinion and to be selected is a demonstration of THEIR firm’s commitment to rigorous research and using data to inform policies and positively impact communities in Africa.”

Core capabilities: Research & policy analysis

The Khana Group’s (TKG) Research & Policy Analysis experts understand that robust research and analysis are fundamental in achieving effective and transformative development, policy and programming. Our team has worked in both developed and developing countries and therefore has the ability to distinguish between the use of rigorous or quasi-experimental quantitative and qualitative analytical methodologies depending on the topic and setting, in order to provide the most effective findings.

Their approach informs decisions at all levels that delivers better use of resources to various stakeholders through a variety of quality research and analysis tools, needs assessment and context analysis, desk reviews, data collection and interactive measurement techniques. Their Research & Policy Analysis services include:

▪ Policy Research

▪ Economic impact assessments and analysis

▪ Cost-benefit analysis

▪ Market and industry research

▪ Survey design and development

▪ Analysis of survey data

▪ Gender Research and Analysis

 ▪ SME Growth Research and Analysis

 ▪ Poverty Reduction Research and Analysis

 ▪ Local Content and Natural Resources

Technical team

Charles Nnabugwu (engagement manager)
Marvin Samuel (national investigator)
Uchenna Moghalu (finance & operations manager)
Ifedapo Agbeja (data manager)
Vennessa Smith (research operations coordinator)
Decontee Peters (research associate)

Leadership Team

Taa Wongbe (chief executive officer)
Afi Daitey (vice-president of operations)
Rosie Emerson (vice president, research & evaluation)