Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IERPE)

About us

Created in 2004, by Princeton University Professor Leonard Wantchekon, IERPE is a non-profit institution working in the fields of empirical research. We aim to contribute to the development of public policy and achieving sustainable development in Africa. Our mission is to promote statistical data and make it more accessible as a tool to aid decision-development policy making. In order to reach our goals, IERPE has designed three research programmes:

  1. political economy and governance
  2. human development
  3. infrastructure and rural development

IERPE and Afrobarometer  

IERPE is an Afrobarometer core partner, providing technical assistance and support for the network’s francophone countries. We also organise summer schools for national partners to develop their statistical analysis skills.

As the national partner for Benin, we conduct research, collect and disseminate information on the views of its citizens on democracy, governance, economic reform, civil society and the quality of life.

The team 

The IERPE Core Partner team are:

Markus Olapade - Project Director

Prof. Leonard Wantchekon - President, The Africa School of Economics

Richard Houessou - Program Manager (In charge of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Gabon, Madagascar, Togo)

Horace Gninanfon: Program Manager, Guinée

Benjamin Djiffa: Program Manager, Mali

Lucrece Ahandagbe: Program Manager, Sénégal

Romaric Samson - Program Manager, Niger

Ernest Yao Agbekponou - Translation

Victor Daye - Data Manager

Victor Emmanuel Ekwa - Communications Coordinator