Getting started

Our online data analysis (ODA) is an easy way for you to analyse data on Africa from Afrobarometer’s survey Rounds 1-5 (1999-2012).

Here are some simple instructions to help you get started with the ODA.

Univariate statistics

Step one

Select which round of surveys you would like to use from the top slider bar.

Next, click on “Select countries” and select the country you would like to use. Alternatively, select the “Select all” option if you’d like to use all countries. 


Select a country


Step two

Select a survey question. These are divided under various thematic tabs. For example: economy, taxation, democracy and politics and so on. 

Alternatively, search a word or phrase using the “search” function

Once you have selected the question you would like to analyse, you will be presented with the tabulated results as well as a column graph. 


Create a graph

You can change the type of graph by selecting the options to the right of the column graph. 


Step three

Now that you have your chart, you can right click and save the graph as a .jpg, .png or .pdf format. You can also select the Print option. 


Cross tabs

Step four

After you have done the above steps, you can select another variable under the “Choose a crossing variable” drop-down menu. 


Choose a cross variable

Once you have selected a variable the tabulated results will appear below. 


Step five

If you would like to produce graphs or a map, select one of the options along the right-hand side: 


ODA icons


We hope you enjoy using our ODA tool