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How receptive are we to people who are different from us?

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Personal living conditions | Kenya | 2005-2016
Economic paradox in Kenya

More favourable perceptions amidst economic insecurity.

More in Dispatch 169.

 Equal access to life opportunities for girls/women | Kenya | 2016
Gender equality in Kenya

Citizens see gains, but support for women’s empowerment still uneven

More in Dispatch 170.

Trust in the Independent Electoral Commission | Botswana | 2006-2017
Electronic voting in Botswana?

Amid declining trust in electoral commission, citizens skeptical of switch to machines.

More in Dispatch 168.

Why citizens avoid courts | Mali | 2014
Limited access to justice

Malians’ access to legal system severely compromised by perceived bias, corruption, complexity.

More in Dispatch 166.

Corruption in Côte d’Ivoire

Majority rate government anti-corruption efforts as inadequate, fear retaliation if they report bribery.

Available in French only.

More in Dispatch 167.

Graph:  Should government be able to monitor private communications? | Zimbabwe | 2017
Freedoms in Zimbabwe

Majority of citizens favour protecting private communications, free movement, religious speech against government interference.

More in Dispatch 165.

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Afrobarometer director receives MLK Award

Prof. Gyimah-Boadi honoured for advancing democracy, good governance, and economic opportunity.

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