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L’adhésion aux principes démocratiques et l’appréciation sur l’état de la démocratie (FR) [31 October 2013] Read more
La participation citoyenne à Madagascar
La participation citoyenne à Madagascar (FR) [31 October 2013] Read more
Insécurité en Côte d’Ivoire et confiance en la police, Intérêt pour les affaires publiques et politiques, Performance du gouvernement (FR) [25 October 2013] Read more
Performance du gouvernement
Performance du gouvernement (FR) [25 October 2013] Read more
Résultats de la 5ème série des enquêtes au Sénégal, 2013. Read more
Résultats de la 5éme séries d'enquêtes en Guinée (2013). Read more
Findings from the Round 5 survey - 34 countries. Read more
Seven in ten Africans own their own mobile phones, with access essentially universal in Algeria and Senegal, according to Afrobarometer findings from across 34 countries. Read more
Radio remains the dominant news source for most Africans; more than 60% of the people in every state except Egypt consume radio news, according to Afrobarometer's survey of 34 countries. Both television and internet are growing as sources of news,... Read more
Citizens' freedom of expression is strongly correlated with effective governments, according to data collected in face-to-face interviews with more than 51,000 Africans in 34 countries during Round 5 of the Afrobarometer (2011-13). Where people feel... Read more