AD328: Les Guinéens veulent un gouvernement responsable et la limitation des mandats présidentiels En Guinée, les élections ont rarement été une sinécure. Retards, conflits, et violence ont marqué beaucoup d'élections alors que de nombreuses formations politiques s'affrontaient et que les forces de sécurité s’opposaient aux manifestants dans... Read more
Les femmes africaines font face à des disparités persistantes dans les domaines éducation, emploi, accès au numérique Despite widespread popular support for gender equality, African women are still disadvantaged by persistent gender gaps in education, employment, control over key assets, and access to technology, a new analysis from Afrobarometer shows. Read more
PP61: Progrès et lacunes: Perceptions et expériences de la parité des genres en Afrique Africans share at least some of the SDG ambitions to create more equal societies. Across 34 countries, substantial majorities support women’s right to run for political office (71%) and to own and inherit land (72%). Read more
AD237: Despite concerns about electoral commission and conflict, Mauritians value open elections Most Mauritians say that leaders should be chosen through regular, open, and honest elections. Read more
AD326: Sudanese voice support for elections, accountability, limits on presidential powers Now that sustained popular protests have ended former President Omar al-Bashir’s threedecade rule and achieved a power-sharing agreement among the military, civilian representatives, and protest groups (International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2019... Read more
Africa’s digital gender divide may be widening, Afrobarometer survey finds African women trail behind men in access to digital information and communications technologies, and the gap may be widening, the latest Afrobarometer survey shows. Read more
Namibians divided on land reform, including expropriation, Afrobarometer survey shows Only about half of Namibians rate the government’s land resettlement programme as effective, and more than four in 10 say land should be expropriated without compensation and given to the landless, a new Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
AD325: Les Togolais ne sont pas satisfaits de la performance du gouvernement en éducation Les Togolais sont insatisfaits de la performance du gouvernement en education. Read more
More than one in four Africans see wife-beating as justifiable, Afrobarometer survey finds About one in four African women – and even more African men – say wife-beating is at least sometimes justified, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey. In some countries, up to seven in 10 citizens endorse domestic violence. Read more
AD324: Despite progressive laws, barriers to full gender equality persist in South Africa Gender equality in South Africa: Despite progressive laws, barriers to full parity persist. Read more