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The National Alliance Rainbow Coalition (NARC) came to power in Kenya in early 2003 after an election in which it had promised, among other things, to end corruption, institute free primary education, democratize the constitution, and foster economic... Read more
BP29: People’s development agenda and Government’s policy performance in Zimbabwe
In mid-May 2005, the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) launched, with little advance warning, a massive ‘urban clean up’ campaign. The exercise was code-named “Operation Murambatsvina/ Restore Order” hereafter referred to as OM. Murambatsvina is a Shona word... Read more
BP27: Support for democracy and democratic institutions in Zimbabwe
Zimbabweans exhibit solid support for democracy but never seem to get enough of it. This is according to survey results from Afrobarometer Round 3. Read more
Kenya’s NARC government rode to victory in the 2002 elections in part on the coalition’s promise to tackle the country’s deeply-rooted corruption problem. Prior to the transition, Kenya was perceived as a virtual international pariah due to extreme... Read more
Three years ago, Kenya held it’s third multiparty election since 1992. To the delight of many, it finally led to a long awaited political transition, bringing an end to the long reign of Daniel Arap Moi and the even longer rule of his KANU political... Read more
Summary of results for the Round 3 survey in Senegal (2005). Read more
Summary of Results, Cape Verde 2005 Round 3 Read more
Sommaire des résultats de Round 3 enquête au Mali, 2005. Read more
Benin summary of results for Round 3. Read more
Summary of results for the Round 3 survey in Tanzania (2005). Read more