Zimbabwe’s opposition distrusted, does not offer viable policy options

La gouvernance

Trust in political opposition parties in Zimbabwe is considerably low, with just over one third of the adult population asserting that they trust opposition political parties. This is according to the results of the most recent Afrobarometer public opinion survey.

The reasons for this difference in trust in the ruling party versus opposition parties in Zimbabwe are underpinned by perceptions of their economic and development policies, the honesty or integrity of party leaders and in the experience of party leaders. Furthermore, respondents believe that the ruling party is better equipped to address the problems bedevilling the country; such as; fighting corruption, controlling prices, creating jobs and improving health. However, opinion concerning whether Zimbabwe’s political opposition presents a viable alternative vision and plan for the country was divided.

This data presents itself in the aftermath of the July 2013 elections and at a time when the country is reeling under continuous economic deterioration. The political and economic state of affairs in Zimbabwe highlights the need for a viable and credible opposition.

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