Zimbabwe is going in the wrong direction; but whilst public approval of MPs and councillors’ performance tumbles, approval of President Mugabe’s leadership remains steady

La gouvernance

Despite most Zimbabweans expressing discontent with the overall direction of the country, in terms of its deteriorating economic performance as well as rising corruption, the majority still approve of President Robert Mugabe’s leadership performance. His approval rating has only decreased slightly since it was last measured in 2012.. This persistent positive evaluation of the president stands in stark contrast to the growing opinion that Zimbabwe, as a country, is headed in the wrong direction. The change in attitudes are reflected in Afrobarometer’s most recent survey in Zimbabwe which was conducted in 2014.

The notable decline in popular approval of the state of affairs in Zimbabwe in general, and performance of Members of Parliament (MPs) in particular, has coincided with the end of the Government of National Unity (GNU). However, the institutional alterations do not appear to have had the same impact on public approval of President Mugabe, which has remained relatively stable. 

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