Uganda: Are promises kept? Understanding citizens’ development agenda

La gouvernance

Social services – particularly health and education – are the most important problems that the Ugandan government should address, according to respondents in a recent nationwide Afrobarometer survey.

Substantial proportions of the population are dissatisfied with the way the government has handled health care and social-services provision, as well as the economy, agriculture, and governance issues. Less than half of Ugandans think their local government is maintaining local roads and local market places well.

Support for improved social-service delivery comes from all demographic groups and is especially strong among the young, women, those with low educational attainment, and rural residents.

A slim majority of citizens feel the country’s present economic condition is good, although many feel their own living conditions are “fairly” or “very” bad. Most respondents believe citizens in a democracy ought to pay taxes, but they are divided on whether they should pay more taxes to support additional government investments in health services.

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