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Zambians sound alarm for eroding democracy, Afrobarometer survey shows In the face of mounting government repression, ordinary Zambians stand by their firm commitment to democratic ideals, reiterate solid support for institutional checks and balances, and strongly reject one-man rule, a new Afrobarometer survey has found. Read more
African citizens’ development priorities given voice in G20 policy making African citizens’ demands for jobs, reliable infrastructure, and good governance as requirements for sustainable development form part of “20 solutions”. Read more
In Malawi, gender gaps persist despite popular support for equal opportunity While Malawians express support for equal rights for women when it comes to owning land and getting a job, gender-based discrimination is not a rare experience. Read more
Malawians see corruption increasing ‘a lot,’ new Afrobarometer survey finds Most Malawians say that corruption in the country has increased over the past year, including two-thirds who say it has increased “a lot,” according to a new Afrobarometer survey. Read more
State of the nation: Malawians’ reflections on political governance Majority of Malawians give govt a failing grade on 13 of 16 policy issues. Read more
Égalité des genres au Bénin: Enquête Afrobaromètre révèle des acquis et des zones d’ombres La plus récente enquête Afrobaromètre au Bénin révèle plusieurs acquis ainsi que certaines zones d’ombres en matière de l’égalité des genres. Read more
La tolérance sociale augmente au Bénin, selon une nouvelle enquete d’Afrobaromètre D’après la plus récente enquête Afrobaromètre, la tolérance sociale des Béninois a augmenté de 2014 à 2017, et peu de citoyens déclarent avoir été discriminé à cause de leur appartenance religieuse ou ethnique, de leur sexe, ou d’un handicap. Read more
Opposition and the uncommitted support grand opposition coalition idea in Zimbabwe The widely-discussed idea of a grand coalition of Zimbabwe’s opposition parties to improve their chances of defeating the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union–Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) in next year’s elections has powerful support among partisans of... Read more
Manuel de données fusionnées de la Série 6 (36 pays) (2016) Zimbabweans’ development agenda remains unchanged since the Afrobarometer survey held in the country in 2014. Read more