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PP62: Pauvreté vécue à la hausse en Afrique: Fin d'une décennie d’amélioration du niveau de vie

Le dénuement économique – qu'il soit évalué en fonction de la fréquence à laquelle les gens manquent des denrées de premi

Afrobarometer-OSF workshop on the future of democracy

Afrobarometer and the Africa Regional Office of the Open Society Foundations (OSF/Afro) have agreed on a strategic map to

AD337: Batswana say traditional leaders strengthen democracy – but should stay out of politics

Botswana is the oldest multiparty democracy in sub-Saharan Africa, boasting 11 successful national elections since indepe

Citizens’ approval of government economic performance declines, new Afrobarometer study shows

Ghanaians’ approval ratings on indicators of their government’s economic performance have declined sharply compared to 20


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