PP18: A window on policy priorities: Evidence from the citizens of 34 African countries The post-2015 sustainable development discourse has emphasized the need for a more inclusive and participatory policy framework projecting the voices of the people in policy-making and implementation processes. Some commentators have argued that while... Read more
PP37: Are Africans willing to pay higher taxes or user fees for better health care? Struggling medical systems confront governments and citizens with difficult choices: Needed investment in the medical sector must compete with other priorities, and increasing health spending by cutting other programs may not be a popular or even... Read more
AD100: La menace de l'extrémisme violent: Perceptions des populations d'Afrique du Nord En juin 2015, les militants de l'Etat Islamique (EI) autoproclamé ont attaqué un hôtel sur la plage à Sousse en Tunisie, tuant 38 personnes (CNN, 2015a). Quatre mois plus tard, l’EI a revendiqué l’abattage d'un avion de ligne russe, avec 224... Read more
PP36: Les Africains veulent-ils encore de la démocratie? En moyenne à travers le continent, les Africains soutiennent la démocratie comme régime politique favori. Read more
WP157: Political risks facing African democracies: Evidence from Afrobarometer Where are African countries headed politically? How resilient are Africa’s governments, regimes, and states? What are the characteristics of political risk? This paper is motivated by a desire to discover whether it is possible to identify early-warning... Read more
WP165: Décentralisation et qualité de l’offre de services socio-publics en Afrique subsaharienne L’objectif du présent papier est d’analyser, du point de vue purement microéconomique, l’impact de la décentralisation sur la qualité de l’offre des services socio-publics en Afrique sub-saharienne. Read more