WP171: Do electoral handouts affect voting behavior? Evidence from five African countries shows little to no effect on voter turnout or vote shares. Read more
WP165: Décentralisation et qualité de l’offre de services socio-publics en Afrique subsaharienne L’objectif du présent papier est d’analyser, du point de vue purement microéconomique, l’impact de la décentralisation sur la qualité de l’offre des services socio-publics en Afrique sub-saharienne. Read more
PP2: L’Afrique en essor ? Le mécontentement populaire vis-à-vis de la gestion économique malgré une décennie de croissance De nouvelles conclusions de l’Afrobaromètre, tirées d’enquêtes réalisées dans 34 pays – chiffre sans précédent – entre octobre 2011 et juin 2013,1 révèlent un mécontentement général vis-à-vis des conditions économiques actuelles, et ce malgré une... Read more
AD16: Inadequate access, poor government performance make water a top priority in Africa According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 748 million people do not have access to improved drinking water, including 325 million in sub-Saharan Africa. About 2.5 billion people live without improved sanitation (WHO, 2014). Read more
WP157: Political risks facing African democracies: Evidence from Afrobarometer Where are African countries headed politically? How resilient are Africa’s governments, regimes, and states? What are the characteristics of political risk? This paper is motivated by a desire to discover whether it is possible to identify early-warning... Read more
AD4: Political accountability in East African countries: Who should make MPs and councillors do their jobs? One of the critical challenges facing African countries today is how to make governments work for the people – using resources at their disposal efficiently, delivering public goods and services, and guaranteeing an equitable distribution of... Read more
AD131: Weak support and limited participation hinder women’s political leadership in North Africa Should women have the same chance of being elected as men? Read more
PP7: Les Africains disposés à payer leurs impôts se heurtent à des systèmes fiscaux opaques et corrompus Les données d’enquête de l’Afrobaromètre portant sur 29 pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne révèlent un engagement généralisé des citoyens envers le principe d’imposition ainsi que leur volonté d’assumer leurs responsabilités en s’acquittant de leurs impôts... Read more
BP54: East African Federation: Tanzanians favor greater economic integration, but wary of stronger political links The East African Community was originally comprised of three countries: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These three states have a history of cooperation dating back to the early 20th century, including the Customs Union between Kenya and Uganda in 1917,... Read more
AD27: African publics back rights, responsibilities of media watchdogs Journalists have little doubt that a free and effective news media is a cornerstone of democracy and development. But do their customers – everyday citizens and consumers of news – agree with them, and thus help provide the backing that journalists need... Read more