Latest country-specific releases

La majorité des Sénégalais ont une perception positive sur l’orientation et l’avenir du pays. Read more
AD307: Young and educated Ugandans are most likely to consider emigration
Ugandans looking abroad: Young and educated citizens are most likely to consider emigration. Read more
WP183: Traditional authority and state legitimacy: Evidence from Namibia
Do African traditional leaders weaken state legitimacy at the local level? Read more

Latest multi-country releases

Global Corruption Barometer – Africa 2019: Citizens’ views and experiences of corruption
One in four people in Africa have to pay bribes to access services, Corruption Barometer shows. Read more
PP58: Africans want open elections – especially if they bring change
Africans want high-quality elections – especially if they bring change at the top. Read more
WP182: Is there an anti-politics of electricity? Access to the grid and reduced political participation in Africa
Power, not politics: Do Africans with access to the electric grid choose cold drinks, cooled air, and TV over political participation? Read more