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Latest country-specific releases

Most Zimbabweans trust the army, but they don’t feel free to criticize it. Read more
Most Ghanaians endorse the rule of law and the legitimacy of key state enforcement bodies, a recent Afrobarometer survey reveals. Read more
Ghanaians value and insist on rule of law, but see inequities in how laws are applied. Read more

Latest multi-country releases

AD196: Who’s watching? Voters seen as key in holding elected officials accountable
Checks on presidential power: African citizens see important roles for voters, Parliament, courts, media Read more
AD188: Separate and compatible? Islam and democracy in five North African countries
Across five North African countries, most citizens see religion and politics as separate and compatible. Read more
Radio remains the most-used source of news in many African countries
Despite audience gains for television and digital media, radio is still by far the most frequent information source for Africans, a new Afrobarometer analysis suggests. Read more