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Afrobarometer survey to debut in the Gambia Afrobarometer is set to debut its public-attitude surveys in the Gambia. Read more
Afrobarometer June 2018 highlights The latest from across the Afrobarometer network. Read more
Afrobarometer April 2018 highlights April highlights for Afrobarometer. Read more
Afrobarometer March 2018 highlights March highlights for Afrobarometer. Read more
New National Partner in Liberia Afrobarometer is pleased to announce that it has selected The Khana Group (TKG) as its new National Partner for Liberia. TKG will undertake all Afrobarometer activities in Liberia, including the Round 7 survey scheduled for April 2018. Read more
Afrobarometer February 2018 highlights February highlights for Afrobarometer. Read more
Afrobarometer January 2018 highlights January highlights for Afrobarometer. Read more
Call for bids for appointment as Afrobarometer national partner in Gambia The Afrobarometer Network is inviting bids from interested organizations to join the Network as a National Partner to conduct surveys of nationally representative samples of the adult population of Gambia. Read more
H. Kwasi Prempeh replaces E. Gyimah-Boadi as executive director of CDD-Ghana By Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana). Read more
Afrobarometer December 2017 highlights December 2017 highlights from across the network. Read more